Trade Show Solutions

Magic stops people in their tracks and generates interest in your trade show booth. Our integration of your company's message into our illusions provides a smooth transition for your sales staff. Customers will already be talking about your product and key sales points before they even meet your sales staff.  Incredible Credibility adds power to your trade show presentation and generates results.

The MORE technical your product the MORE you need MedMagic

Technical concepts made Simple and Entertaining

MedMagic's illusionary presentations inform and educate, as well as providing world-class entertainment. Physicians, scientists, engineers, dentists, lawyers, nurses, physicists and other highly trained professionals find magic a compelling and fascinating subject.

"MedMagic has made a tremendous impact on our tradeshows. The presentations were tailored to reflect the specific message we wanted our customers to hear and because of the clever way the message was incorporated it was remembered long after the show was over. Our booth traffic has significantly increased because MedMagic always draws a crowd."             
                             Dan Ritt, President, Radiological Imaging Technology




After Hours Entertainment

Hospitality Suites and evening events are a great way to meet your clients in a less hurried atmosphere.  But what makes your event different from the rest?  Keep your clients interest with amazing entertainment by MedMagic's incredibly credible close-up magicians. The magic happens in their hands and the message stays on target.

Perfect for those "boring" trade shows that ban entertainment from the exhibit floor.