Magic and Medicine - A Multimedia Presentation

"If we travel back far enough in time the magician, the physician and the priest were all the same person..."

Magic and Medicine is Dr. Ralph Mackintosh's unique one man show that traces the intertwining history of the magical arts and the healing arts. From primitive man's first herbs to the ritual rites of the pagan temples, magic has had a close alliance with medicine.

Using video projections and examples of magic of the eras, history comes alive in a fascinating and informative presentation. Intriguing displays of sleight-of-hand and illusion transport the audience from the time of the early priest-healer-magi to the alchemists of the middle ages and on to the patent medicine shows of the 1900's.

Medicine meets the future in our new Mind Matters production

The Perfect Presentation for Your Conference or Banquet Program

Liven up your event with a blend of education and entertainment. Conferences don't have to be all stuffy talks and long-winded technical orations. Give your attendees a break with a lively, colorful and humorous presentation with audience interaction and amazing illustrations.